Table Linens

One of our specialties here at Elegant Chair Solutions is our stunning variety of table cloths. Our fabric selection is truly riveting and without end. Whether you have a specific color, texture or pattern in mind, we're sure to have the perfect option for you.

Accordion - $11.00


Modern and Edgy – Textured fabric much like a fan fold. Great for adding lots of texture to your table.

Crinkle/Crushed - $11.00

crinkle/crushed tablecloth

Lightly textured fabric that paints a beautiful image of urban glamour.

Pintuck - $11.00

pintuck tablecloth

This classic and elegant choice has a fold of fabric that has been stitched to hold in place –muchlike a pleat. Gives a visual “line” decorative effect.

Scuba - $11.00

scuba tablecloth

No Texture or Wrinkles – Create sleek tablescapes with this heavier based fabric that creates beautiful matte backdrop.

Galaxy - $11.00

galaxy tablecloth

A two tone look with a shimmer that is out of this world! A different color from each angle. Magical!

Damask - $11.00

damask tablecloth

This black and white linen with its beautiful floral pattern will pair perfectly with your décor.

Checkered - $11.00

checkered table cloth

Plan the ultimate bbq feast with our wide selection of checkered table linens.

Twinkle Tensil - $16.00

Shimmer Shimmer. When the lights hit this fabric - it sparkles!

Pinched - $16.00

This taffeta linen has a pinched design throughout the cloth to create a voluminous effect on your table.

Velvet - $16.00

The luxurious feel of velvet is back in style. Great for warming up a space, a Bohemian vibe or a suave dimension.

Ribbon - $16.00

Endless ribbon embroidery create a drama for your table. Ribbon and tablecloth can be different colors or tone on tone.

Burlap - $16.00

burlap tablecloth

Take on a rustic feel with our durable burlap table linen.

Skull Candy - $16.00

skull candy tablecloth

Liven up your party with our day of the dead table linen.

Circle Sequin - $16.00

circle sequin tablecloth

With its small pops of sequins dispersed effortlessly, this linen is flawless for any type of event.

Mermaid - $16.00

mermaid tablecloth

This unique scalloped sequin tablecloth will be an unforgettable detail at any party.

Sequin - $50.00


You can never go wrong with a little bling. The sequin linens are the perfect pop you are looking for.

Payette - $50.00


Fun and Flirty. This linen adds a different dimension to any table.

The Lindsey - $25.00

The luxurious Lindsey is the perfect mix of antique and class.

Marble - $25.00

A fabulous new take on a classic marble swirl linen.

Rosette - $35.00

Rossette Table Cloth

Much like frosting on your cake, our rosette linen will be the ultimate layer for your cake table.

Petal - $35.00

Pink Overlay

The petal linens will liven up the dance floor at your reception.

Leaf Petal - $35.00

Silver Overlay

Enchant your guests with this flowy linen perfect for any party!

Specialty Overlay

We have several colors and textures of our specialty overlay linens. The overlays are made to give highest flexibility of linen design and colors. You will need to add any color linen underneath to reach your desired look. Below is an example of our Infinity linen with different colors underneath.

Patina - $25.00

This exquisite sheer is the perfect amount of warmth for your big day.

Princess Lace - $25.00

The princess lace overlay is guaranteed to make you feel like royalty.

Fiora - $25.00

This floral leaf design mixed with the right amount of sparkle is undeniable!

Paisley - $25.00

This rustic chic overlay is the perfect fit for your country style wedding.

Fleur de Lis - $25.00

If you want to add a splash of New Orleans, this overlay design is just the overlay for you!

Infinity - $25.00

Place this overlay on top of any color linen to make this modern design pop!

Milan Lace - $25.00

Just the right amount of lace and sparkle, this overlay is a gorgeous backdrop to any specialty table.

Brilliant Sheer - $25.00

B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T! This overlay will bring elegance, sparkle, and flare!

Floral Embroidered - $25.00

This overlay is tasteful combination of sequin and flowers an organza backdrop.

Leylani - $25.00

Put a soft touch on your event with this vintage lace overlay. Beautiful over any color linen.

Mini Petal - $25.00

Add some refined fun to your event with our mini petal overlay. Perfect with any greenery!

Skyfall - $25.00

Looking for a little splash of elegance? This Gatsby like overlay has just the right amount of sparkle and class.

Chemical Lace - $25.00

This sparkling square topper lays over any color linen to make your special table stand out.

Skylar - $25.00

Make a bold statement with this eclectic overlay on your cake or head tables!

Size Reference

108" linen - fits 48 round to the floor

120" linen - fits 60" round or bistro to the floor

132" linen - fits 72" round to the floor

90" x 132" linen - fits 6' banquet table to the floor

90" x 156" linen - fits 8' banquet table to the floor